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☼ The Larry Townsend clinic was the best cowboy mounted shooting clinic I have ever been to. I felt like I was taking an individual lesson not only in mounted shooting but in horsemanship. I came out of it with a better understanding of working with my horse. Thank you Larry! Lots to go home and work on. Sign me up for the next one! – Judy Stewart & Pistol

☼ I introduced myself to Larry & Janice Townsend four years ago after attending a shooting competition at their ranch. It was fun, because they seemed just as excited about my interest in shooting as me.  After watching me ride, Larry explained that I needed to become a better rider THEN a mounted shooter. I was hooked. Early on I became aware of Larry’s natural ability to communicate with his horses through body language and found it is much more difficult than he makes it look. During lessons I felt like a sponge trying to absorb everything he said. However, my body was not always successful in doing what it needed to do. Luckily, Larry never gives up on his students as long as they keep trying. He continually strives to make his students successful in achieving their goals.

I purchased two fabulous horses by Townsend studs. My husband and I can safely shoot, sort, rope and ride in the mountains. Larry puts in the long hours needed to produce a  well broke, trustworthy horse you can do just about anything on.  He never allows a buyer to leave the ranch unless he is sure horse and rider fit together well. Of course Larry’s vast experience in choosing quality mares for his studs also helps produce excellent performance horses.

My four summers at the Townsend Ranch have been a dream come true. Since my childhood watching Roy Rogers I have dreamed of being a cowgirl. Through Larry’s guidance and working three to four days a week on my riding, shooting, and roping skills my horse and I have become a team. I know I have lots more to learn, and I intend to return to the ranch next summer.  However, because of the knowledge, generosity, patience, and integrity of a fifth generation cowboy and his wife I sometimes believe I am that cowgirl in my dreams. Thank you Larry and Janice!!!! – Patty C. Napa VAlley, CA

☼ I had the recent opportunity to meet Larry and Janice Townsend.  I came home with an amazing horse, that was matched to me.  Larry takes pride in his horses and truly seeks to make a match between horse and rider.  Integrity is a rare commodity in this world today, I am so pleased to make the aquaintence of someone who lives it!!  When you buy a Townsend horse, you buy a legacy of outstanding horses, pride, and integrity.  If  I had my way, every horse I ride would wear the Lazy TE on its hip.  Thank you Larry and Janice for the opportunity to be part of this amazing legacy and to be a partner to Bootie, who is amazing in her own right!!! – S. B., Las Vegas, NV

☼ Hi guys! On our way home from shooting…Bernie was awesome! Trailered her over alone & she was great; new arena & it didn’t faze her at all. Dan rode her for about 3 hours & she was great! (I am still grounded…!) Ran 3 different patterns (27, 22, & 3) & she handled them all like a pro. I keep reminding Dan that he is “borrowing” her until his grey is up & running again! Ha!
Thank you again for all of your hard work on her…she is a gem!
We will keep you posted. – Judy & Dan

☼ “The Happiest Boy on Earth!” —  And you’re responsible. I’m not sure the smile will ever leave his face. It’s a joy to watch. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOUThere is no doubt she’s something special. It’s amazing how you can just look at a horse and tell. Cody was tickled when he saw his name on the paperwork as ‘owner’. He had to repeat is out loud. When we got her home we put her in the round pen and Cody stayed in the pen with her for probably an hour or more. He’s never done that before with any of his other horses. When he came to the house he talked about how he was making friends with ‘Cat’. That’s what he’s decided to call her. -R & T C, Columbia, TN

☼ I’ve been riding Missy and Mister a lot lately… trying to get Mister ready for the AQHA Worlds, just got to get Dad listening to me a little more! These two are awesome. I will recommend anyone to send horses your way! Hoping to have Missy at Nationals. If she isn’t ready, I’m not going to push her but this year she will be hitting the road with me at some point!  S. C., Columbia, TN

☼ Its been many years since The Winter Olympics and the first time I saw Larry Townsend and his famous stallion “Cowboy” perform bridleless …. Since that time I have been to the Townsend Ranch many times and have had the pleasure of making some of the best friends a guy could ever hope to have…. You see, when you buy a horse from the Townsend Ranch, you don’t just get a horse….you buy a BRAND on that horse that carries generations of breeding ,training and honesty ….I ride horses from the Townsend Ranch because Larry puts his heart and soul into ever one of those colts they raise and train….If you ever get a chance to visit the ranch you’ll see the prettiest bunch of mares and the sweetest babies you ever lay your eyes on…. My latest purchase “Texas Lucky Leo” is the prettiest , smartest , friendliest horse I have ever owned… Recently tried a new sport….”Craig Cameron’s Extreme Cowboy Race”   13 obstacles done under a stop watch…. Festival of the West , Scottsdale AZ… Lucky was flawless winning his Division and setting himself apart from all competitors by never refusing any obstacle in two days of racing….I ride the brand of the Townsend Ranch because I know what I’ll get every time I buy a new horse…. Generations of talent, caring, and just plain great horse flesh….. not to mention the best biscuits and gravy in the whole world…..

B.G., Scottsdale AZ

☼ I have competed in Cowboy Mounted Shooting since 2002, all in California until the past year.  When I went to the World Championship in 2008, I watched the Townsends compete and witnessed what I felt to be the ultimate competitors.  Their horses obviously enjoyed the game and ran the stages with efficiency and speed.  They entered the arena relaxed and left, after having run a very fast stage, just as relaxed.  At that point, I decided I wanted to be a part of their world.

During the past year, I have learned a great deal about the Townsends.  They depend on each other for the unique talents they each contribute to a successful operation.  I believe this is why they have one of the few remaining horse breeding and training ranches in Montana.

My knowledge has grown a great deal since arriving at the ranch.  Larry has a very analytical mind, always trying to figure out how to help his horses and riders to make adjustments and improvements.  Through his breeding and training program, the Townsends continually supply young, competitive horses into the sport.  In addition, Larry has competed successfully in various horse sports, having seen them develop over the past 40 – 50 years.  He works tirelessly to promote the professionalism of Cowboy Mounted Shooting, in hopes of growing the sport and helping it be respected in the world of the cowboy.

N.C., Acton, CA

☼ I met the Townsend Family through cowboy mounted shooting. Over the years I have had many opportunities to not only watch Janice and Larry compete and ride generally, but also, to observe how they collectively & individually interact to others.  Adding up all these experiences, I felt very comfortable with leaving two horses with the family for training for many months.  Larry & Janice are excellent at keeping you up to date on training. Indeed, it is common to receive DVDs and phone calls on your horse’s progress.  My trust in their abilities  and values made it easy for me to also buy a colt from them.

The Townsends are very knowlegible and caring about both the horses in their care and their owners.  If necessary, they have a vet who can immediately attend a sick or injured horse.  Accordingly, the Townsend Ranch is a very safe place to leave your horse. As an aside, I had the opportunity to stay at the ranch & personally ride & train with the family. It was a great experience!  Darby is a beautiful place to visit. The valley and mountains there are beautiful and challenging.  I came to Darby when the Townsends were my friends and my trainers, but,  I left with all of them  as  my adopted family; Larry a brother and Janice a sister. I count them  all as a blessing to my family.

In summation, I highly recommend the Townsend Ranch. I also recommend the family as trainers and friends for you and your horse.

G.T., Bandera, TX

☼ Just wanted to thank you all for the hospitality while at the clinic.  We are all working on our forms and the only one who is finished filling out hers is our daughter.  She loved the clinic and thank you so much for taking the time to work with an eight year old – she will never forget these kinds of things when she gets older.  You all made a great impression on her.  It is nice to have her role models be quality people such as yourselves.

C.B., Missoula, MT

☼ When every person comes away from the clinic feeling good about themselves, their horse, what they have learned, how it was taught, and the instructor, it was a success!!!!!

S.M., Corvallis, MT

☼ I enjoyed the personal and family touch of the clinic. It  was nice having a small group.

J.M., Sula, MT

☼ As usual you did a great job. I’d like to say a special thanks for your noticing that “Smiley” needed some reassurance and letting her know she shouldn’t take things personally! Thanks for recognizing that and helping her.

K.V., Victor, MT

☼ I like your clinics and the way you do them. I will be attending more. Good Job.

D.H., Corvallis, MT

☼ A big plus is putting the horse first – doing things correctly rather than quickly.

B.H., Corvallis, MT

☼ I wanted to take the time and thank you again for you hospitality and help with my riding, equipment, and Jack. We will work hard to improve and do our best each day.

S.T., Kalispell, MT

☼ Every time she looked at the photo of her little filly it was guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. She is VERY! excited about the little gal & can’t wait to come visit her!

C.B., Missoula, MT

☼ Yesterday, I had a great morning ride with Tuffy.  He “moved out” like he has never done before.  We sure covered a lot of ground and he gave me a sample of what kind of speed he is capable of.  He sure acted like he was enjoying being a horse. Thanks!

T.M., Gooding, ID

☼ Hello, just want to tell you how much fun I’ve been having team penning on my pleasure horse (x pleasure horse) thanks to you to helping me and making that weekend so fun and memorable can’t wait to come again, but hopefully when the roads are good. I’ve had my gelding team penning 6 times and he’s just gets better and better and everyone I tell he’s new to the game, I’m sure don’t quite believe me but that’s O.K. I know I had great help getting him started and I raised a great stead and just needed to find a great teacher, so just wanted to let you know how it’s going and also did talk to the guy that trained him to let him know Zack wants to work cattle and he excels at it in my opinion and will continue to get better. however I do get a lot of  (BS excuse) me about my 2 handed on my new cotton reins, but I just explain I’ve been trained by a professional so enough said. thanks again, and see you in the spring.

G.B., Lewiston, ID

☼ Thank you so much for a great weekend. A special thanks for letting my friend ride “Handy”. Mom and  daughter had a great time. You guys made them feel right at home and Thank you Larry for building their confidence. I cannot thank you enough for helping make their Montana adventure as success.  As always it was a great clinic and I Iook forward to the next one.

K.V., Victor, MT

☼ Thank you for your reassurance, for your good advice, lessons, encouragement, and above all, for the generosity of yourselves and thank you for a wonderful horse.

P & R. W., Rapid City, SD

☼ Thank you for selling us Lucy, she does everything we ask and even our  4 year old daughter rides her.

U  & S. W., Germany

☼ Larry, you are a miracle worker. This is not the same horse, we left here 60 days. He is awesome.

G & M. M., Florence, MT

☼ It’s people like yourselves that make’s life wonderful – we had such a great time. Thank you again for such wonderful memories of the Townsend Ranch and Montana!

C & R. E., Tillamook, OR

☼ Larry’s horse knowledge & teaching approach was inspirational. For the first time in my life I want to do ‘horse’.

J.C., Hamilton, MT

☼ I learned way more than I thought I would and I had the time of my life.

J.M., Florence, MT

☼ I really enjoyed getting a chance to visit with you and riding some very well broke and fun horses.

R.E., Tillamook, OR

☼ Thank you for selling me the world’s most awesome yearling paint filly.

 C.S., Alta Loma, CA

☼ Every time I go riding, someone stops me and wants to buy my three year old.

K.S., Elkton, MD

☼ Thank you for you hospitality and for showing me Cowboy and the others – Very Impressive.

 J.B., Trout Creek, MT

☼ Thank you for sharing your ranch video with me. Someday I would love to own a horse you have trained.

G.A., Freemont, CA

☼ Thank you for coming to entertain at our Lincoln Rodeo. Everyone in town is still talking about your performance and they all loved you!

Lincoln Rodeo Club, Lincoln, MT

☼ Thank you so much for your hospitality and for sharing your knowledge. I’ve learned so much and promise to come back and learn more.

C.D., Paicines, CA

☼ Thanks again for letting Katie share in our lives and help Michael learn to be a rider on his own.  You should see his big grin that never stops when he trots or lopes her….that is his dream come true!  And of course she is very patient with him, he loves to brush her, (as much of her as he can reach), and she just stands there and seems to like it as much as he does. We really enjoyed seeing your horses, and were so impressed with your husband’s training.  It’s always so nice to see what a real horseman can do with horses, as opposed to guys who talk about how good they are, then you see their horse stop with his mouth pulled wide open, or showing obvious fear.  I can’t remember ever seeing anyone better.  Wish I lived closer so I could take some lessons!

M.C., Kooskia, ID


Jack Puckett drawing


Jack P. – 4 years old

☼ I just want to say thank you for the great experience when you where here in Sweden (at Dahl’s western in Oktober 2005). You learned me all about spins and how to train them right. I hope I see you again next year.

C.F., Sweden

☼ With these words we want to thank you all for the best clinic we ever joined. It really inspired us in our continuing work with horses and it will help us a lot in the future. We have both continued working with Larry’s methods and what’s most excited is, we found out very fast that it really works.

Thank you Larry for sharing all this with us, for your enormous patience, your easy and logical way to explain everything to us.

 What we want to say with these words are: If you’re not coming back to Sweden again to do more clinics (you can be sure that we will go to Montana to learn more from you all.

K.L. & M.N. Steffanstorp, Sweden

It’s difficult to pick anything from the clinic that was better than something else. Everything was great, I wish you would come again because it was a big change for both my horse and me. I really like Larry riding too. He could show us in a better way when he was on a horse.

K.T. Vaxjo, Sweden


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