LESSONS WILL BE STARTING MAY 1st… call last week of April to schedule.

Larry Townsend offers private or group lessons in the following areas:

►All Speed Events
►Penning and Sorting
►Horse Finishing Technique
►All levels of horsemanship

*You may bring your own horse or take your lesson on a Townsend Ranch Performance Horse.
Our indoor arena is a great place to learn to work cattle ~ Call for further information.
Do you have anxiety from a previous experience, Larry can help you in the controlled environment of the indoor arena regain that confidence and help you have FUN riding again. ~ Call for further information.

Read this testimonial about trainer Larry Townsend in the Ravalli Republic newspaper article, Darby Horse Trainer Gets Riders Back In The Saddle . https://web.archive.org/web/20180828075409/


Larry Townsend’s extensive knowledge of horsemanship and horse events is essential to his extensive teachings. Larry works with all levels of riders from novice to advanced, from 1st time rider to 40-year rider. His knowledge can help you perfect your riding and/or event training.

Tammy Billingsley Heath trained under Larry Townsend for 10 years. She holds multiple State and National  as well as World titles in Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

Larry Townsend trains horses and people to be Champions! If you aspire to be a World Champion, the Townsend Ranch program can help you achieve your goal. Please call for rates.

~ Here are just a few of our testimonials ~
☼ Just wanted to thank you all for the hospitality while at the clinic. We are all working on our forms and the only one who is finished filling out hers is our daughter. She loved the clinic and thank you so much for taking the time to work with an eight year old – she will never forget these kinds of things when she gets older. You all made a great impression on her. It is nice to have her role models be quality people such as yourselves. C.B., Missoula, MT
☼ When every person comes away from the clinic feeling good about themselves, their horse, what they have learned, how it was taught, and the instructor, it was a success!!!!! S.M., Corvallis, MT
☼ A big plus is putting the horse first – doing things correctly rather than quickly. B.H., Corvallis, MT
☼ I wanted to take the time and thank you again for you hospitality and help with my riding, equipment, and Jack. We will work hard to improve and do our best each day. S.T., Kalispell, MT

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