Cowboy’s Eulogy


March 10, 1996 – November 10, 2015


Black and white was more than just his color; it was his personality. He was straight up honest as the day is long. It was Cowboy’s way or the highway; you either lead, follow or get the hell out of the way was his attitude. He was smarter, braver, and more courageous than most of his fellow equine and human, and he knew it. He didn’t have a fear factor, and like His cowboy, he gave his all every day of his life. The unique bond that this horse and his human created will never be matched, nor understood and damn sure not forgotten. He was one in a million, and together they were unstoppable. Cowboy was a rare breed of horse, a special gift from God. He touched the lives of countless men, women and children throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Demark, performing in clinics and breaking world records since the age of two.
He spent his days at home breaking colts, working cattle and teaching people of all ages and disabilities to ride. His heart was bigger than the entire ranch and the endless memories and love he brought into this world for so many people will never be forgotten.  He loved to play, and more than anything he loved to work.  Speed and agility came more naturally to this horse than lightning in a thunder storm. He defined Horse Power in the truest sense, the pounding of his hooves and the forceful blow from his nostrils, with a motor that loved to run. He was a magnificent creature with a presence bigger than life itself, a true gentleman, a world class athlete, a charmer, a teacher, and most importantly an incredible friend.  He was all of these things to so many people, but the partnership between Cowboy and Larry cannot appropriately be conveyed to the world, the connection between the them was one only the two will ever understand, God blessed each of them with the others presence indeed.
Cowboy was the pride and joy of the Townsend Ranch, and the heart of a successful breeding program. His legacy will live on through his offspring, many of which are competing at world class levels, giving his name the honor and recognition it deserves. He will be sorely missed by countless individuals, but will always be with us in spirit. We will forever cherish the incredible memories he has given us throughout the last 19 years. We were truly blessed to have this once in a lifetime black and white stallion. May you run through God’s pastures as gallantly as you did here on Earth, Cowboy.    

We were truly blessed to have this “once in a lifetime” black and white stallion named Texastea Wildthing … Cowboy.


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