Life Track


Fastrack For Humans



Achieving maximum health benefits begins with proper digestion. The foundation of any health maintenance or weight loss program must first start with a digestive support product that works from many different angles. These uniquely designed enzymes enhance your ability to digest proteins, fats, and carbohydrates (n.zime™), vegetables and fiber (CereCalase™), along with dairy products and their constituents (dairyzimes™) for better health and energy.




By taking this synergistic blend of Probiotics and enzymes you give your body the following advantage:



• Improved immune function
• Better digestion
• Protective barrier against harmful microorganisms
• Breaking down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins while neutralizing their toxic   by-products
• Increased production of beneficial natural antibiotic substances
• Deactivating various cancer causing compounds
• Helping to regulate cholesterol levels
• Eliminating intestinal gas problems
• Helping to balance hormonal levels
• Assisting in the elimination of lactose intolerance/dairy allergies




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