Oral Electroyte



Lyte Now provides twice the amount of minerals lost during one hour of sustained physical activity. A 26cc dose of Lyte Now instantly provides high quantities of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, amino acids, chelated and naturally buffered minerals and vitamins.


Lyte Now is the only paste electrolyte available containing easily digestible organic electrolyte and minerals, ensuring immediate absorption in your horse’s system in less than three minutes.


Ideal for use before and after competition, trailering, stress, illness and deworming.


Active Ingredients:

Guaranteed Analysis Per Serving (26cc serving size, or .85 fl. oz.)
Calcium – Min. 4.0% / Max. 5.0%
Salt – Min. 19% / Max.
Potassium – Min. 11%
Magnesium – Min. 3.8%
Manganese – Min.
Iron – Min. 1088ppm
Zinc – Min. 144ppm
Copper – Min.
Cobalt – Min. 9ppm

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