Fast Track

Fastrack Equine Probiotic

Fastrack Equine Probiotic



Fastrack 5lb bag

(Conklin)  Fastrack Microbial (Probiotic) Pack contains a source of live
(viable) naturally occurring microorganisms, a source of protease which
can hydrolyze proteins and a source of amylase which can hydrolyze
starch. Fastrack Microbial (Probiotic) Pack is  for ruminants, hogs, all
classes of horses, and poultry. For growing cattle, mix five pounds
Fastrack per ton of mixed feed or top dress 1/2 to 1-1/2 oz. per day.
For hogs, mix 2.5 to 5 pounds per ton of feed. For horses, feed 1 to 2
oz daily.


Fastrack Equine Gel

(Conklin)  A high concentration of beneficial bacteria, yeast and
vitamins in a gel form. Use 2cc at birth and repeat on 3rd and 5th days.


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